Saturday, September 24, 2011

Could have been worse

This week wasn't one of my best. I actually got down to 71.2 by Wednesday but put 300g back on by Saturday. So that gives me a total loss of 100g for this week.

It's still a loss so I'm not going to dwell on it. I know where I went wrong, no exercise, subway twice (sweet onion chick teriaki, I tried to be good) and Red rooster once (again I chose roasted chicken roll in an attempt to be good).

I had my back tattooed on Wednesday so I haven't been able to do much exercise due to the pain. And the stress at work was really starting to get at me.

However the good thing is my back is hurting less so I plan on getting back into the exercise on Monday and I've moved to a new cafe so no more stressing. To make things even better this cafe is much busier so I wont be tempted to snack and the stock rooms are down a flight of stairs so running up and down them all day is going to be great for my legs.

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