Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weigh in, confessions and Week 1

I almost couldn't believe I had a loss this week, and such a good one to boot.

I didn't have as good a week as I would have liked. Stress at work and a small family crisis left me drained and I didn't follow the week one plan very well.
The main slip up came on Thursday. I got home, looked at the kitchen and though f%$# it I'm getting pizza because it's the only place that would deliver. I felt like crap but I didn't care.
I did manage to pull myself out of my funk before Friday and was back on track again.

I did go out Friday night, I had no intention of drinking but I was talked into 2 glasses of vodka and diet coke (side note vodka and diet coke, not a good combo). While I'm not happy I caved I did also do a lot of dancing and I had such a great night it was worth it. I was really happy I was able to stop at 2 drinks. Luckily the friends we went out with are very supportive of my weight loss and didn't push me to drink more.

I confess I haven't done any training this week and I've got no excuse for that. But my work hours are changing next Wednesday so that will make things a lot easier.

I also can't believe I missed the very first live chat. I was kicking myself. I've written down the date and time of the next one and come hell or high water I wont be missing it again.

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