Monday, August 29, 2011

Why Monday?

Monday wasn't the best start to the week.

The day was great, I took my lunch and snacks to work and wasn't tempted by any of the goodies I sell. I didn't even eat the broken off little bits of rasp/white choc muffin that I usually tell myself don't count because it's not really a full bit.

How ever things started to go pear shaped on my way home. OH picked me up and I thought great I'll get home a little earlier, I can start dinner, exercise then study. Nope I was wrong. OH had decided we needed to go buy a new pantry and the shop was only open for another 10 min, not enough time to drop me home.
Then on getting home I remembered I'd have to clean and refill the new fridge that had turned up Monday morning while OH put together the new pantry. After an hour and a half the kitchen was still in no state to cook so take away it was.

Naturally the BBQ chicken shop was closed, as was the kebab place so fish and chips it was. Except I don't eat fish so I had a burger.
It wasn't the worst of nights, I didn't just sit at the computer saying I can't be bothered and I did try to keep the damage to a minimum by not having the extras like dimsims and cornjacks.

I've got tonight planned out, get home workout, cook dinner, study. I will be doing these 3 things tonight, no excuses.

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