Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Excuses and Their Solutions

Pre-season task 2

I found writing down my excuses for putting off exercising harder than I thought. For one thing seeing them on the screen makes me realise just how silly they are. 'I don't have time' really??? in the 3 hours of watching TV when I get home I can't find 30min to exercise??? Of course I can.

So here's what I came up with as well as solutions I can use when these excuses come up.

Internal excuses
I'm too tired.
I look silly.
It hurts too much.
I don't want to do it by myself.
I can start tomorrow.

It takes too long to cook.
I was good all day, I can have dessert.

Exercise will energize me. I'm not as tired as I think.

No-one is watching me. I look like I'm getting fitter.

It will hurt a little less each time. I don't need to go super hard every session. It will get easier.

Jump on the forums, I'm not alone.

Tomorrow never comes, start today.

It takes just as long to drive to get take away. Once I start I enjoy cooking.

Berries make a great dessert.

External Excuses Within My Control
I don't have enough time now.
I wont have enough time when my study starts.
It's too cold/hot.
I have nothing healthy to cook.
The computer/TV will still be there after I work out.

Study hasn't started yet, I have plenty of time to start now. Take 10 min workout breaks, it will break up my study time and re-energize my mind.

Cool the room down before I start. Try yoga or something less physical. Exercise will warm me up.

Make a stir fry with chicken and vege's, it's quick and easy. The fridge is full, there's plenty of things to cook.

External Excuses Outside My Control
Family crisis.
Dog crisis (need urgent vet care)
I get sick.

The crisis will pass. This is just hitting the pause button, not the quit button.

Take things easy. Eating healthy will get me better quicker.

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